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Why should I invest in Turkey?

Why should I invest in Turkey

Know with Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate the advantages of investing in Turkey
Today, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in many respects. This is due to its unique geographic location, which is the middle of the continents and its visibility on the most important straits and seas in the world, as well as the qualitative leap in the Turkish economy.
And many important reasons that have made it an important center in recent years to attract local and foreign investors in various sectors, especially the real estate sector, which has received wide interest from investors
What encourages me to invest my properties in Turkey?

Turkey’s political, economic and social stability in the Middle East encouraged businessmen to invest and work in Turkey.

The qualitative leap of the Turkish economy, and the evolution of economic growth until it ranked Turkey as the second fastest growing economy after China.

The soft and guaranteeing laws of the rights of foreigners who wish to own property in Turkey, to the extent that they acquire Life-long stay (renewable annually) in Turkey once they own property in addition to low taxes.

There is no distinction between the Turkish and foreign investors, all of which are equal in rights and transactions with facilities to the foreign investor.

The many facilities in the establishment of companies until it is possible to end the processes of the foundation of your company in less than a week.

Turkey’s vast geographical space and climate diversity help to choose the most appropriate and best environment for your investment of any kind.

The availability of skilled and competitive workers where young people compete for work creates a competitive environment that drives them to creativity in work.

Availability of infrastructure for investment, such as transportation, communications, energy and technical infrastructure

Options for real estate investment in Turkey:

– Buying a property in a project under construction in a vital or strategic area will be very popular, and then sell it after the project is finished at a higher price, and what is currently attracting investors is to search for apartments for sale under construction in Turkey.

– Developing of real estate by buying an old property and then renew and sell at a higher price.

– Investing of land for sale in Turkey with strategic sites that may be included in the urban planning schemes.

– Buying a ready-made apartment in a project, then renting it and ensuring a fixed monthly return.