Why Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate? | Apartments For Sale in Kocaeli

Trust and efficiency at work:

We have made “Invest with Confidence” a slogan for us which is not only a slogan we are just repeating, but we have transformed it into a concrete reality according to well thought out steps. We provide our customers with a wide range of options and solutions for those wish to own or buy property in Turkey or for those who wish to invest in Turkey. Moreover we put in their hands the range of our services and distinctive and comprehensive of everything that may face the investor on his trip in Turkey, all this in order to achieve the goals and wishes of our customers whether owning a property in Turkey or real estate investment.


Featured and unique services:

Our unique range of services is focused on the convenience of the client and provide all the necessary and all that he needs in the journey of real estate acquisition or real estate investment in Turkey, where our services include:

Real Estate Consulting, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Development, Property Management, Real Estate valuation, Construction and cladding, Mortgage Finance and after-sales services have helped to expand our client base across the Arab world.


We do not focus on the profit side only:

In Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate our goal to satisfy the customer and gain confidence as we give this goal most of our attention and do not focus on the profitability side of customer service and achieve their goals in real estate investment or purchase property in Turkey is the most important for us, therefore we strive to provide all services and facilitate all the steps, legal and formal procedures for our customers.


Team of experts with much confidence:

Qarar Group is a professional team with extensive experience in the real estate market and real estate investment in Turkey. We conduct accurate studies to determine real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, taking into account the fluctuations in real estate prices in Turkey and the purchasing power of the real estate market in Turkey.


We work all the time with you:

Many customers prefer to take tours to see the properties on holidays, so we work throughout the week for our customers and their comfort, they do not have to adhere to work days and not even hours of work, we can go with you to tours in the after working hours.


We are distinguished by transparency, clarity and credibility:

All of our transactions are formal and documented in accordance with the Islamic Financial System. We also provide our investors and clients with all the excellent offers available, guaranteed investments, golden opportunities and offer them at the meeting table in a fair and accessible way for all.