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The Turkish notary, What is his importance and the need for it?

In Turkey, the court often requires you to stamp the “noter” at the conclusion of formal transactions, which is known in most countries as the notary’s seal. The “Notar” is a government-commissioned witness certifying official documents to ensure that signatures and seals are original,
The noter is appointed by the Ministry of Justice but is not a State employee and does not receive any salary, any certificate of education, driving licenses, passports, personal identities, any type of contract, agency or any translated document needs to be ratified by the noter,
No formal document is accepted in the Turkish Republic unless it is approved by the noter.
The Noters in Turkey have contracts for the sale of land, houses, and means of transport. Documents translated from foreign languages become legal before the judge after ratifying them by the noter.
In return for the document insurance, the departments will receive a confirmation fee based on the types of documents to be ratified. The fees for the purchase of the property are estimated at 1% often from the value of the contract.
In local and national funds, and later in international funds, which constitute a guarantee as in insurance companies.
We advise you as Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate to seal the transactions, buying and renting contracts by the departments of “Noter” because they are important, they are located in all the provinces of Turkey as each area has its own Noter, to protect yourselves from fraud and cheat and this guarantees you the safety of the papers and after all,
It also facilitates archiving and searching for all the person’s authentications.
As for foreigners, staff at the Noter departments do not speak foreign languages so it is best to take with you an interpreter or a person who speaks Turkish to the Noter departments to facilitate the ratification process.