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The city of Kocaeli, the pearl of the Sea of Marmara and the importance of investment in it

At the crossroads of the railways connecting Europe and Asia in Istanbul, the city of Kocaeli, which is an industrial gate for Turkey, is home to more than 1 million people.

Continuing year-round tourism in Kocaeli has seen a significant rebound in property prices, becoming an important city in terms of real estate investment in Turkey and the best in terms of return on investment.

There are several distinct areas in Kocaeli, such as the Hisar Ship Museum. The Hisar ships were used as reconnaissance vessels for the Turkish Army for 40 years, and the Clock Tower in the district of Kemalpaşa between the Hümayun Palace and Kemal Ataturk’s statue.

The tower was built for Sultan Abd al-Hamid II on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his accession to the throne -build by the then, by “Izmit” Mukhtar Musa Kazım Bey

Kocaeli is also the home of Kocaeli Forest, which is a beautiful forest located northeast of the city. It is an oxygen storehouse with pure air that helps to relax and stay away from the pressures of life,

where tourists can sit in the shade of its trees and enjoy its beautiful colors.

Kefken is one of the most developed areas on the coast of the Black Sea. The place is characterized by pink rocks. The rock is characterized by its hardness following its exit from the sea directly and the Başdeğirmen Square, which follows the village of Karapınar. Fresh air, making it a walking area and also Kocaeli on the ski center of Mount Kartepa, a favorite winter and summer place.

The place is famous for its green, snow-capped pattern, and also for its rich greenery with its beautiful cascades and diverse restaurants.

All these areas, together with the Izmit railway station, promise a great economic and investment future for the Marmara Sea Pearl

Property prices in Kocaeli are moderate compared to other cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, where new real estate projects are usually composed of a residential complex with many amenities and services such as swimming pools, Turkish bath and other 24-hour guardians, and constant maintenance to make you feel at home.

Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate gives you distinctive projects in Kocaeli, distinguished by its privileged location at the crossroads of the railway linking Europe and Asia in Istanbul, its proximity to vital facilities such as Izmit railway station and its proximity to the Sea of Marmara, which increases its investment value and returns.