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Steps to open a bank account in Turkey!

One of the most important measures required by a real estate investor in Turkey is to open a bank account to transfer the price of the property to him or to send installments the price of the property purchased, in addition to the need to obtain a cash card for purchases and the payment of bills through it.

Before you think about opening a bank account, you must obtain a tax number, without requiring a formal residence in Turkey. The tax number will be obtained after you have submitted a copy of the passport and the address of your residence in Turkey. Then go to the nearest district tax office. After checking the passport, the employee will enter your data and write your tax code on a card, and the process will be completed within a few minutes.

The documents required to open the bank account are:

Passport copy is valid most of the time no need to translate it, tax number, residence address.

As for the residence address, if you have a residence in Turkey of any kind (work, travel, family, student), you must bring it up with your address document.

If you do not have an official residence, you must bring any document confirming your place of residence in your country of origin, such as your identity card, if the address is written on it, or any water or electricity bill in your name with your address. There is no need to translate if this document are written in Latin characters beside Arabic, but if only in Arabic, you should translate them into Turkish.

In Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate, we propose to you a group of Turkish banks, which supports its call center ATMs Arabic, such as Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bank and AlBaraka Bank.