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Opening the highway between Istanbul and Izmir

Opening the highway between Istanbul and Izmir
On August 4, Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan opened the highway linking the states of Istanbul and Izmir.
The Istanbul-Izmir road is 192 kilometers long and will shorten the distance between Istanbul and Izmir from 8 hours to 3.5 hours..
For his part ,Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Jahed Torhan in a press statement that the highway, which will enter service today (August 4th), will link the Aegean region to Marmara and the western Mediterranean to the western Anatolia region..
He pointed out that the ministry started construction of the highway in 2010, emphasizing that the Osman Ghazi Bridge, which was completed in 2016, is the most important part of this huge project.
The Turkish minister said “Citizens will be able to move between Istanbul and Izmir within 3.5 hours, which means they will save time and fuel, and the road will accelerate the process of transporting industrial and agricultural products.
It was also found that the previous project contributed to the creation of jobs for about 5,000 people, and that about 1,000 people will continue their work as maintenance supervisors..
On the other hand, he pointed out that the cost of the project amounted to about US$7 billion, and this amount was provided by the company implementing the project.

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Number of naturalized foreigners in Turkey through real estate investment

Following the recent amendments to the law granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors issued in September 2018, which allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and owns properties valued at more than 250,000 U.S. dollars.

As a result of the increased communal confidence in Turkey and granting facilities to foreigners to invest, support projects and start companies, more than 2,700 people applied for Turkish citizenship based previous legal amendments.

The Directorate General of Population and Citizenship affairs of Turkey revealed the number of 981 people who had succeeded in obtaining Turkish citizenship by the end of last month.

Based on recent amendments, Iranian citizens ranked first with 253 people., Iraqis with 143 people, Yemenis 97 people, Afghans 94, Syrians 59 people, Palestinians 58 people, Jordanians 57 people, The Egyptians have 45 people, the Chinese 21, and the Azerbaijanis 16.

Since the amendments were passed, 2,700 foreign investors have applied for citizenship, and their total investment sits at $1 billion.

Obtains Turkish citizenship who buys a property worth 250,000 U.S. dollars by guaranteeing that it will not be sold for three years, Or deposit $500,000 in Turkish banks instead of $3 million previously, and reduce the amount of fixed investment in exchange for citizenship from $2 million to $500,000.

We at Qarar Real Estate company, offer you a series of integrated real estate services in addition to providing free Turkish citizenship issuance service when you buy a property from Qarar Real Estate company and meeting the requirements for gaining citizenship in a short period that less than one and a half months.

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The city of Kocaeli, the pearl of the Sea of Marmara and the importance of investment in it

At the crossroads of the railways connecting Europe and Asia in Istanbul, the city of Kocaeli, which is an industrial gate for Turkey, is home to more than 1 million people.

Continuing year-round tourism in Kocaeli has seen a significant rebound in property prices, becoming an important city in terms of real estate investment in Turkey and the best in terms of return on investment.

There are several distinct areas in Kocaeli, such as the Hisar Ship Museum. The Hisar ships were used as reconnaissance vessels for the Turkish Army for 40 years, and the Clock Tower in the district of Kemalpaşa between the Hümayun Palace and Kemal Ataturk’s statue.

The tower was built for Sultan Abd al-Hamid II on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his accession to the throne -build by the then, by “Izmit” Mukhtar Musa Kazım Bey

Kocaeli is also the home of Kocaeli Forest, which is a beautiful forest located northeast of the city. It is an oxygen storehouse with pure air that helps to relax and stay away from the pressures of life,

where tourists can sit in the shade of its trees and enjoy its beautiful colors.

Kefken is one of the most developed areas on the coast of the Black Sea. The place is characterized by pink rocks. The rock is characterized by its hardness following its exit from the sea directly and the Başdeğirmen Square, which follows the village of Karapınar. Fresh air, making it a walking area and also Kocaeli on the ski center of Mount Kartepa, a favorite winter and summer place.

The place is famous for its green, snow-capped pattern, and also for its rich greenery with its beautiful cascades and diverse restaurants.

All these areas, together with the Izmit railway station, promise a great economic and investment future for the Marmara Sea Pearl

Property prices in Kocaeli are moderate compared to other cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, where new real estate projects are usually composed of a residential complex with many amenities and services such as swimming pools, Turkish bath and other 24-hour guardians, and constant maintenance to make you feel at home.

Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate gives you distinctive projects in Kocaeli, distinguished by its privileged location at the crossroads of the railway linking Europe and Asia in Istanbul, its proximity to vital facilities such as Izmit railway station and its proximity to the Sea of Marmara, which increases its investment value and returns.

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The Turkish notary, What is his importance and the need for it?

In Turkey, the court often requires you to stamp the “noter” at the conclusion of formal transactions, which is known in most countries as the notary’s seal. The “Notar” is a government-commissioned witness certifying official documents to ensure that signatures and seals are original,
The noter is appointed by the Ministry of Justice but is not a State employee and does not receive any salary, any certificate of education, driving licenses, passports, personal identities, any type of contract, agency or any translated document needs to be ratified by the noter,
No formal document is accepted in the Turkish Republic unless it is approved by the noter.
The Noters in Turkey have contracts for the sale of land, houses, and means of transport. Documents translated from foreign languages become legal before the judge after ratifying them by the noter.
In return for the document insurance, the departments will receive a confirmation fee based on the types of documents to be ratified. The fees for the purchase of the property are estimated at 1% often from the value of the contract.
In local and national funds, and later in international funds, which constitute a guarantee as in insurance companies.
We advise you as Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate to seal the transactions, buying and renting contracts by the departments of “Noter” because they are important, they are located in all the provinces of Turkey as each area has its own Noter, to protect yourselves from fraud and cheat and this guarantees you the safety of the papers and after all,
It also facilitates archiving and searching for all the person’s authentications.
As for foreigners, staff at the Noter departments do not speak foreign languages so it is best to take with you an interpreter or a person who speaks Turkish to the Noter departments to facilitate the ratification process.

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Legal advices and warnings for real estate investment in Turkey

Are you a new investor in the Turkish property market?
Legal advice and warnings
The first experiences of purchasing real estate in Turkey are the most important for investors, because either they open the world of real estate and investment in Turkey or expect them in many problems, because there is no reliable real estate brokerage to deal with their rights and protect them from victimization For falsification and placement.
If you are ready to buy a property in Turkey for the first time, Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate will help you to learn about the most important steps to buy a property step by step.
Before you go to the Land Registry Department, you should choose the property you want based on your objective of buying, either for investment or housing, and according to the available budget as well.
At this stage it is necessary to examine the real estate data and other debts accurately, to match the address on the ground with the registered address in the municipality papers, then to translate the passport and authenticate it from the notary department and bring two photographs.
One of the common mistakes of new investors in Turkey is not knowing the details of the property’s debt, and handing over the address in the papers that may differ from the real address.
Upon arrival at the Land Registry Department, you must take the original copy of the Land Registry contract with the seller and a copy of the Real Estate Registration Document if you purchased it through a bank loan.
After completing the required documents and paying the land registry fees, the department will tell you when to sign the documents with the seller.
Real estate consultants advise you to hire a certified interpreter to help you with your purchase, and to verify the information you sign, so as not to be caught in the traitors of bastards.
It is also important that the payment is made to the clerk during the signing of the purchase contract, or to issue a certified check with the bank in place of the cash amount.
In Qarar estate, we offer you the property selection service according to your required specifications, assist you in completing the purchase process at all stages, follow up the legal papers and manage your property in case you decide to leave the country.

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Why should I invest in Turkey?

Why should I invest in Turkey

Know with Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate the advantages of investing in Turkey
Today, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in many respects. This is due to its unique geographic location, which is the middle of the continents and its visibility on the most important straits and seas in the world, as well as the qualitative leap in the Turkish economy.
And many important reasons that have made it an important center in recent years to attract local and foreign investors in various sectors, especially the real estate sector, which has received wide interest from investors
What encourages me to invest my properties in Turkey?

Turkey’s political, economic and social stability in the Middle East encouraged businessmen to invest and work in Turkey.

The qualitative leap of the Turkish economy, and the evolution of economic growth until it ranked Turkey as the second fastest growing economy after China.

The soft and guaranteeing laws of the rights of foreigners who wish to own property in Turkey, to the extent that they acquire Life-long stay (renewable annually) in Turkey once they own property in addition to low taxes.

There is no distinction between the Turkish and foreign investors, all of which are equal in rights and transactions with facilities to the foreign investor.

The many facilities in the establishment of companies until it is possible to end the processes of the foundation of your company in less than a week.

Turkey’s vast geographical space and climate diversity help to choose the most appropriate and best environment for your investment of any kind.

The availability of skilled and competitive workers where young people compete for work creates a competitive environment that drives them to creativity in work.

Availability of infrastructure for investment, such as transportation, communications, energy and technical infrastructure

Options for real estate investment in Turkey:

– Buying a property in a project under construction in a vital or strategic area will be very popular, and then sell it after the project is finished at a higher price, and what is currently attracting investors is to search for apartments for sale under construction in Turkey.

– Developing of real estate by buying an old property and then renew and sell at a higher price.

– Investing of land for sale in Turkey with strategic sites that may be included in the urban planning schemes.

– Buying a ready-made apartment in a project, then renting it and ensuring a fixed monthly return.