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Legal advices and warnings for real estate investment in Turkey

Are you a new investor in the Turkish property market?
Legal advice and warnings
The first experiences of purchasing real estate in Turkey are the most important for investors, because either they open the world of real estate and investment in Turkey or expect them in many problems, because there is no reliable real estate brokerage to deal with their rights and protect them from victimization For falsification and placement.
If you are ready to buy a property in Turkey for the first time, Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate will help you to learn about the most important steps to buy a property step by step.
Before you go to the Land Registry Department, you should choose the property you want based on your objective of buying, either for investment or housing, and according to the available budget as well.
At this stage it is necessary to examine the real estate data and other debts accurately, to match the address on the ground with the registered address in the municipality papers, then to translate the passport and authenticate it from the notary department and bring two photographs.
One of the common mistakes of new investors in Turkey is not knowing the details of the property’s debt, and handing over the address in the papers that may differ from the real address.
Upon arrival at the Land Registry Department, you must take the original copy of the Land Registry contract with the seller and a copy of the Real Estate Registration Document if you purchased it through a bank loan.
After completing the required documents and paying the land registry fees, the department will tell you when to sign the documents with the seller.
Real estate consultants advise you to hire a certified interpreter to help you with your purchase, and to verify the information you sign, so as not to be caught in the traitors of bastards.
It is also important that the payment is made to the clerk during the signing of the purchase contract, or to issue a certified check with the bank in place of the cash amount.
In Qarar estate, we offer you the property selection service according to your required specifications, assist you in completing the purchase process at all stages, follow up the legal papers and manage your property in case you decide to leave the country.