Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate company is one of the leading real estate investment companies in Turkey. It was founded at a time of successive real estate successful reforms in Turkey. Qarar brings investors from all over the world to invest in Turkey, offers a number of integrated services to investors in the real estate field. It is registered under a tax number (8370557202). Qarar Real Estate Company is active in the city of Kocaeli and is located in other cities such as Istanbul, Sakarya and Yalova.

The company is managed by a consultant engineering team to monitor all the steps of the operations with utmost precision and keenness to document all transaction steps with official documents, guaranteeing the rights of all parties.

Our Vision

Establishing and developing of projects in the real estate sector in an innovative and effective manner, which makes us the first choice for all investors in the real estate sector.

Our Mission:

Through our presence in this sector, we strive to achieve the best for our investors and customers by creating investment opportunities that will maximize the profits of investors in their different directions.

Our Values:

● Working in the market with high ethical standards and values through a professional team and superior experience.

● Committing to responsibility while managing the sale and purchase process.

● Respecting our relationship with customers and partners.

Our Clients and Partners:

In Qarar Alaqaria Real Estate company, we attach utmost importance to building bridges of cooperation between us and individuals and investors in the Turkish real estate sector from inside and outside of Turkey.